Why You Shouldn't Shop For Clothing in The Nordics

Trying to find a clothing store with reasonable pricing isn’t always easy, and it turns out that this challenge is particularly difficult in the Nordic region. What makes us say this? We compiled data of pricing in clothing stores from 35 European countries, and then sorted these countries into 7 different regions. What we found is that the Nordic region has the largest proportion of expensive clothing stores, and a few other interesting things as well. Whether you’re a casual consumer, a professional shopper, or a statistics nerd like us, buckle up, and learn where you should be on your guard whilst shopping!


So, let’s start with the elephant in the room. The Nordics (Finland, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, and Iceland) were found to have the largest proportion of clothing stores with overall expensive prices out of any other region in Europe. More specifically, more than half (50.8%) of their clothing stores were either high-end or very high-end (price classes 4/5 and 5/5 in our database), which means prices that are equivalent to 90 euros or above for ordinary items of clothing.

Now, we do have a few words of comfort in case you happen to reside in the Nordics, and you feel your wallet crying at this news. Not all Nordic countries contributed massively to this statistic. In fact, Norway was the most profound culprit, which should not come as a surprise, since Norway is generally known for its high cost of living. Still, a word of caution should be issued to anyone travelling to the Nordics: you might want to go easy with the shopping sprees!


While the Nordics are bathing in their high-priced clothing, the other end of the spectrum is represented by the Balkan region (Romania, Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Serbia, Albania, Greece, Bulgaria, and Cyprus). The proportion of clothing stores with high prices in this region was nearly half of that in the Nordics (29.8%), and the proportion of clothing stores with low prices was almost as large, 24.7%, which also makes the Balkan region the region with the largest proportion of clothing stores with low prices. In other words, you have a 50% chance of walking into an expensive clothing store in the Nordics, whereas this same number is only 30% in the Balkan region, and you’re nearly as likely to walk into a store selling inexpensive clothing. In contrast, only 5.9% of Nordic clothing stores were found to have overall low prices.

Western Europe (United Kingdom, Ireland, France, Belgium, and Netherlands) came in second place in expensive stores after the Nordics, with 48.9% of their clothing stores having overall expensive prices, while the Southern Europe (Spain Portugal, Italy, and Malta) had the second largest proportion of clothing stores with low prices, after the Balkan region. Central Europe (Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Poland, Czechia, Slovakia, and Hungary) and the Baltic Region (Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania) were in the middle of the spectrum.


A special mention also goes out to Greenland and the Faroe Islands, who did not have a single clothing store in the low price-range. Their situation is quite a bit different from the rest of Europe though, due to both having rather small populations and not having very close neighbors, which means that both the selection of stores and the pricing was rather narrow. You can see this in the mid-range price class, which for Greenland and Faroe Islands made up 53.5% of their clothing stores, the highest of any European region.


So, is there anything to be learned from this rather statistics-filled tale, full of formal language and unnecessary detail, since our writing team doesn’t know how to write casual texts? Well, aside from keeping your eyes open and wallet closed in Northern and Western Europe if you want to save money, while traveling down South for cheap prices, we also hope that wherever you decide to travel that you don’t feel the need to walk around with a calculator to find those juicy deals, because we’ve got you covered!


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